I am a visual artist, originally from Limerick, now living in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. 

I create abstract compositions which allow me to reinterpret my world through the juxtaposing of colour, form, and texture. The main sources for my work are the daily observations of life  - a walk with a loved one; games played as a child; the pattern associated with a person; a playground or beach visited; an imposing building; the fold of a towel. Exploring the distinctive shapes, colours, patterns, and rhythms that occur within these seemingly inconsequential daily events, ensures that I will never run out of ideas. 

"I love to combine strong colours and shapes, yet keep the work inherently sensitive"    

Though trained in ceramics, I have always been interested in 'low' materials to create art - household paint, clothing, recycled card, paper, wool - all simply ready art materials there to be used accordingly.

I use paint (acrylic, gouache and household emulsion), thread, sewing machine, wool, fabric, paper, & card - anything that offers the opportunity to express myself. 

I am a 'learn by doing' artist, with a keen interest in how a painting is conceived & experienced when there is an addition of a craft or design element to it. Stitching, crochet, pattern making, embroidery, collage co-existing with paint gives me a sense of ease as an artist.  I feel pleasure in bringing together the dual roles of crafter/designer and artist to my work. 

Amongst the many artists whom have influenced me, I draw much of my practice from Henri Matisse, Lee Krasner, Francis Davison, Anne Ryan, Frederick Hammersley, Robert Diebenkorn.

Alongside my own art, I teach design, graphics, textile printing, embroidery & collage techniques

to adult learners in Galway City. 

I have a husband, three daughters and two cats.